Friday 11 October 2019

A little mini update from my bedroom

Morning everyone!

So finally, thank the melatonin gods, I HAVE SLEPT. I feel like a new woman. A full nine and a half hours has turned me from a shaking, teary mess to a glorious phoenix, rising from the bed sheets like Maya Angelou did all those years ago. (Sorry if that reference was a little poetical, but surely everyone studied ‘Still I Rise” at GCSE? If not, just imagine me soaring out of bed like a sassy, brilliant black lady with great thighs.)

So a little bit about the hotel. I’m retracting my previous 8/10 rating and changing it to a 7 as a result of discovering there are NO TEA OR COFFEE FACILITIES, and the fact that I opened a drawer and found a tumbler of wine left behind by the previous occupant. No thank you.

It does have a few cute features, especially the dressing gowns, which are brilliant and not that “waffle style”, slightly itchy kind that is normally found in the wardrobes. There is also a “cocktail” mini bar, along with a medley of inexplicable things to purchase including a “lovers kit” at 28$, a shave kit at 20$, and rather inexplicably a mug for 10$ that just seems to have a “J” on it.

Also  you can link your phone to the tv, which is why it’s 11am and I’m watching Big Mouth, whilst wearing the robe and eating room service.

Let’s take a moment whilst we’re discussing room service - I ordered what I thought was a BLT (although because this is LA, it was actually a BELT - a BLT with egg - how extra - so I removed the egg.) However, what arrived was basically a bacon burger. It legitimately had pickles and spicy mayonnaise. That is absolutely not something I want for breakfast. It was also served in a brioche bun, and the bacon was “candied” - I definitely am struggling with breakfasts here!

So to backtrack, we ended up heading to see Morcheeba last night at the Regent. One of the lighting engineers used to work for them and got us on the guest list. They were absolutely amazing and the lead singer blew me away, but I was so completely out of it I was borderline delirious and spent the gig upstairs in one of the seated sections, varying between feeling like I was going to vomit or cry. Apparently existing on no sleep is not my strong point! Not that I am known for being overly dramatic at all, but that was definitely the worst state I’ve ever felt, and I’ve once thrown up in a bin in the middle of a party. (Don’t judge me Mum, I know you would have done worse on two Babycham’s back in the day)

My immediate plans for today, are to head poolside at 1pm (when the sun reaches its hottest peak of 31 degrees,) have a wonderful swim and relax and recharge and then head straight into Hollywood! We are one road away from Hollywood Boulevard- last night I walked over a couple of stars, and most surprisingly, saw “Pitbull” - Who even knew he had a star? Who even remembers Pitbull??!

The show tonight is at the Hollywood Bowl, and I’m honestly absolutely buzzing to go and see it. What an iconic place, and due to the fact we are supporting, not headlining, I should actually get to stay stage side, instead of being plonked in front of house like usual!

Love you all! Don’t hesitate to leave me comments, I totally crave the validation. (Joking/not joking at all)

Keli xxx

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Dee bee said...

Don't know what you mean.....Babycham was all the rage back in the day!!